Subcontractor Prequalification

Please follow the link below in order to access Dale Corp’s Pre-Qualification. The information you provide will only be shared with necessary parties for purposes of review.

The intent of this pre-qualification is not to disqualify any vendor but rather to create a more comprehensive, diversified database while identifying and mitigating any potential risks to have a clear understanding of how best to utilize subcontractors on future projects.

Dale Corp has outsourced review of financials to SureTec Information Systems, Inc. Once you are in consideration for a project, we will follow up with additional instructions for a Qualification of your company’s financials via SureTec.

Should you have any questions, please email and the pertinent individual will reach out to answer your questions.

Master Subcontract Agreement**

Master Subcontract Agreement Exhibits

Sample Certificate of Insurance

W-9 Form

**Our MSA (Master Subcontractor Agreement) is not a contract or an agreement for any specific project. It is for all our subcontractors to see and understand what Dale’s typical general conditions are upfront. With the general conditions reviewed upfront, it will streamline the subcontract award, invoicing, and payment processing time on individual projects and simplify the bidding process. Once you bid and get awarded a subcontract from Dale, you will receive a job specific Subcontractor Work Order (SWO). The SWO will cover the specific job/owner requirements that the subcontractor will agree or negotiate with the job specific Dale project manager. The SWO will have the specific project name and price listed.