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Navigating the intricacies of public projects. Leading with experience.


DALE has a successful track record of interacting with government entities and agencies. We have unprecedented experience in leading our clients through the extensive processes and reporting requirements inherent in the publicly financed arena.

At DALE, we strictly adhere to DEP regulations, tax credit and private funding guidelines in the interest of our clients. We continually exceed expectations related to project costs, time-to-market, aesthetics and community engagement.


<center>Blumberg Senior Tower Revitalization</center>

Blumberg Senior Tower Revitalization

<center>Queen Lane Apartments</center>

Queen Lane Apartments

<center>Strawberry Mansion</center>

Strawberry Mansion

<center>Oakdale Street Development</center>

Oakdale Street Development

<center>Gordon Street Development</center>

Gordon Street Development

<center>Nellie Reynolds Garden</center>

Nellie Reynolds Garden

<center>Lucien E. Blackwell</center>

Lucien E. Blackwell

<center>Carl Miller Homes</center>

Carl Miller Homes

<center>Plymouth Hall Apartments</center>

Plymouth Hall Apartments

<center>Centerville South</center>

Centerville South

<center>Marshall Shepard Village</center>

Marshall Shepard Village

<center>Cambridge Plaza</center>

Cambridge Plaza

<center>Twins at Powder Mill</center>

Twins at Powder Mill

<center>Morgan Village</center>

Morgan Village

<center>Sharswood Townhomes</center>

Sharswood Townhomes

<center>Cecil B. Moore Homes</center>

Cecil B. Moore Homes


  • Conservatory Group USA

    Andrew Kamins

    Our desire to proceed stemmed in good part from the confidence we had in you and the team….You had all the bases covered; thorough, benchmarked cost estimating; experienced property evaluation and creative problem-solving. The team was particularly adept in its ability to accommodate the tight timeframe.

  • Milton R. Pratt, JR.

    Dale has provided years of quality service and their commitment to quality is unmatched in the Delaware Valley. in my opinion they are one of the greatest premier general contractors that I have worked with.

  • Matthew J. Koenig AIA


    Dale Corporation delivers as promised. Dale is a highly skilled contractor that has experience, trust, honesty, integrity, and brings full commitment to every project. Barton Partners are always impressed with the professionalism and analytical abilities of their staff. They always promote a team effort with all members of the project including sub-contractors, engineers, and consultants. Dale’s attention to detail, schedule, and budget consistently leads to very successful projects. I would recommend them to anyone.

  • Gloria Dei Church, Owner

    Your company was exemplary. Not only did you perform as you said you would and keep the price in line with what you said it would cost, but your honesty and integrity was beyond reproach.

  • JKR Partners LLC

    Architects Designers

    The people at DALE Corporation are folks that we always enjoy partnering with. We have worked with them as contractors for over twenty years, and have always found them responsive, cooperative, and competitive. They understand what we look for as architects and usually exceed our expectations. Their work is extraordinary, and they provide creative, practical solutions to the everyday challenges of building buildings.

    I would recommend DALE Corporation highly to anyone considering a construction or development project

  • Kimmel Bogrette Architecture

    After completing multiple projects with DALE Corporation over the last several years, it has been my pleasure to work with a contractor that is truly dedicated to understanding and meeting the goals of our clients. DALE Corporation “gets it done” philosophy is a breath of fresh air in the business world of today.

  • Milton R. Pratt, Jr.

    Senior Vice President, Michaels Development Company

    Dale has provided years of quality service and their commitment to quality is unmatched in the Delaware Valley.  In my opinion they are one of the premier general contractors that I have worked with.

  • Complete Care Services


    Our project presented many design and construction challenges. It required cohesion and flexibility from DALE Corporation’s home office to the construction manger to the site superintendent. I felt like the customer that was always right.

  • Michael Schurr

    Partner, OKKS Development LP

    I believe that Dale Corp. is one of the best kept secrets in our industry today.  I can't think of better people than those at Dale. They are as straight as they come and have always gone above and beyond when I have asked. When you work with Dale you work with a team, a team that gets it done. There's no hidden agenda just a great group of qualified people who know every facet of the construction business.

  • Women’s Community Revitalization Project


    DALE Corporation was very cooperative and understanding of our needs, and the needs of the community surrounding the construction site. You superintendent, site manager and workers demonstrated professionalism and experience.

  • Ludlows Community Association


    We know that your services were above the normal call of duty. We also know that the extra steps your organization took were an example of how DALE Corporation does business everyday. You certainly set an example for others in your industry, and it is a pleasure doing business with you.

  • Mike Malloy

    The Hankin Group

    When it comes to identifying real development opportunities, DALE’s consulting division knows how to help separate the wheat from the chaff. With their deep knowledge of the industry, DALE’s consultants help us understand a project’s potential before we spend a dime one on actual development costs. With DALE’s help, we learn where our time is best spent and, perhaps more importantly, when to pass on an “opportunity”. Moreover, we’ve had great success working with DALE’s construction team – most recently as the drywall subcontractor for one of the first multi-family LEED Platinum projects in the country. DALE’s performance was exemplary.

  • Jack Curran

    Owners Representative, The Michaels Organization

    Over the past 10 years, I have had the privilege of working with Dale Corp on a myriad of residential construction projects. Dale Corp has truly amazing talents at their disposal, their depth of knowledge and experience is a tremendous asset to any project. Dale Corp personal always displays the highest level of professionalism and integrity.

    Dale Corp project managers demonstrate extraordinary knowledge of the construction industry and truly care about each and every project. They have always been able to provide grounded real world knowledge, coupled with a value approach to every project budget. Their team has always succeeded under very demanding conditions and aggressive construction schedules. Dale's pragmatic approach has engendered good relationships with other organizations whether they are architects, subcontractors, city agencies, or developers.

  • Stephen L. Schoch, AIA

    LEED-AP, Managing Principal

    We have experienced working with Dale Corp from several different angles: as a CM/GC in both competitive bidding and preselected negotiation contracts, as a joint-venture team member, and even as our 'client' for design-build opportunities. Regardless of the situation, the integrity in their business dealings and attention to the details of their craft are their highest priorities and set a clear standard for every project, and every member of the team. The people throughout the Dale Corp organization take a hands-on, collaborative approach to identify the unique challenges of a project, and engage all team members in a strategy to resolve problems and strive for the best outcome - both in the things you see, AND in those that remain unseen. I'm always pleased when K&A is working with Dale Corp on a project, and I actively look for more opportunities to do so, knowing the process will run smoothly, and the end result will be of the highest quality