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 DALE Corporation is committed to making Safety the number one priority.  DALE Corporation requires a safe and healthy workplace for all employees.  Our accident prevention program is aimedat safeguarding all employees, the public, as well as the property.  We have taken great strides in developing and implementing a responsible Safety, Health & Environment Loss-Prevention Program.

Working on any construction project, it is important that construction personnel and contractors understand the work they are performing, the work being performed by other personnel of other contractors on the site and any specific potential hazards which the project may present.

DALE Corporation’s full time Director of Safety, Health & Environment, Andy Scutti, takes a proactive approach to ensure that everyone on the job site is conscious of the surrounding hazards.  He is dedicated to creating a safe work site for all parties through regular safety meetings and inspections on all projects.  As an authorized trainer by OSHA, he acts as the liaison between the changing regulations and our field personnel, and ensures the company supervisors and employees are fully educated on all safety matters.  DALE is a member of many safety and health related associations and organizations.

Another critical step in safety is being proactive and foreshadowing potential hazards. In that regard we require our employees and subcontractors to take proper precautions be taken to ensure the safety of the project.  DALE Corp requires that all construction personnel work closely with the DALE Corporation representatives and that all safety rules are followed.  We provide a safety manual to all employees that contains the procedures and regulations which will be required to follow at all times that an employee is working on the site, as well as review of their site specific programs.

DALE Corporation was awarded from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Certification and Recognition for establishing and maintaining an effective workplace Safety Committee. DALE’s Safety Committee is comprised of management, field personnel and an independent loss control representative.  The Safety committee’s primary mission is to eliminate all workplace hazards and accidents.  To accomplish this goal the committee meets formally on a monthly basis.

DALE Corporation is committed to providing a safe and hazard free workplace, to preserve our human resources and environment.