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Message from our CEO


Welcome to our website; we hope you are able to get to know us a little better…

With a strong history dating back to the 1950s, DALE Corporation has been provided with the opportunity to reflect on encounters that have given us insight about our industry and ourselves.

We have learned a lot over the past years, but our greatest success came by letting our people pursue their dreams for the company. While we still focus on Development and Construction Management we found that the support management provided our people and their dreams gave us results far greater than we had imagined.

We dedicate ourselves to providing an environment that welcomes their creativity and new ideas, and provides challenges for our employees to strive to be their best. Our employees are the face of our company and the future.

Our divisions are tailored to provide information and support to one another, making DALE a family rather than a sterile corporation. To our clients, this magic the DALE employees are able to exude affect their project in ways that enable us to have repeat business and relationships.

We are committed to providing service to our clients that goes above and beyond the basic construction of buildings. We are cooperative team players who focus on preventing and solving problems. Our teams create an atmosphere of honesty, respect and open communication.

We say that there is always one degree of separation. The contacts and connections we are able to formulate come from the networking talents of our dedicated, intelligent, and hardworking people we have here at DALE. We are proud of our people and where they are taking our company.

Thanks for reading this message. We hope you found it informative, interesting, and inspiring. We look forward to hearing from you.


Eric D. Lintner

Chief Executive Officer